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Visual basic

Visual Basic (VB) is a programming environment from Microsoft in which a programmer uses a graphical user interface (GUI) to choose and modify preselected sections of code written in the BASICprogramming language

Below is a break down of what the student would learn




Week One

Introduction to programming

Student will learn the following:

  1.      Understanding the meaning of programming language
  2.      Various frame works in program
  3.      Be able to write a little program

Week Two

Data types, reserve word and programming error handling.

The student will be able to master:

  1.      Data types exist in the course of study.
  2.      The meaning of variables and variable name.
  3.      How to use it in writing a program
  4.      Understand types of programming errors and how to handle it.
  5.      Be able to write more than five different program with various ways mentioned above

Week four

Control structure

The student will be able to master:

  1.      How to use all types of control structures in a program.
  2.      Write different program using it.

Week four


The student will be able to master:

  1.      How to create a function
  2.      Know when a function suppose to return a data
  3.      How function makes use of data types
  4.      Know how to use recursive and iterative method

Week five

Connecting to database

The student will be able to master:

  1.      to know how to create a simple database
  2.      how to link the database to the program

Week Six and Seven


The student must have created a project.





This course is originally 20,000(naira) but for our partner institutions we are charging 10000 naira per student

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