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Certified Full Stack Web Development(Html,CSS,Graphics,Javascript, Database Design,PHP/Mysql/Ajax)

Our core curriculum is designed to take you from a beginner to an employable full-stack engineer.  The course is broken down into the 3 key sections shown below:

  1. Databases,
  2. Back End,
  3. Front End

 To be truly full-stack, we expect that you will be employable as either a front-end developer or a back-end developer and our course prepares you accordingly. This why our program covers more ground than any other.

1. Databases

Data is the core of every major web application and you have to be fluent in its modeling, storage and retrieval in order to be an eective engineer. During the Databases portion of the course, you will learn everything you need in order to break down a website into its core data model and then implement that model yourself.

Data Modeling:

  •  Data Relationships
  • Designing a Data Model
  •  Relational Databases
  • Alternative Databases
  •  Data Normalization
  • Entity Relationship Modeling (ERM) SQL
  •  Working with Database Schemas
  •  Create-Read-Update-Destroy (CRUD)
  • Joins ? Aggregate Functions and Groups
  •  Sub Queries NoSQL
  •  Serialization
  • Modeling NoSQL data

2. Back End Engineering with JavaScript/Node

The Back End Engineering portion of our curriculum uses JavaScript as your window into the underlying structure of programming and the systems of the web. You learn how to interact with everything from les to web requests while also developing an appreciation for the strategy of developing robust web frameworks.

  • NodeJS
  •  Server-Side JavaScript
  •  NPM
  •  JavaScript Build Processes
  •  Event Loop and Emitters
  •  File System Interaction
  •  Modules Express + APIs
  •  HTTP in Depth
  •  Calling APIs
  •  Reading API documentation
  • Basic API Authentication
  •  OAuth 2.0
  •  API-Based Sign-In with SDKs
  • API-Based Sign-In with Omniauth
  •  Uploading to Amazon S3
  •  ExpressJS
  •  Cookie and Session Persistence
  • Deploying JavaScript Applications Authentication and Security
  • Intro to Security and Authentication
  • Basic and Digest Authentication
  •  Session-Based Authentication
  • Cookie-Based Authentication
  • JSON Web Tokens
  •  Hacking Attack Vectors


  •  Overview of Software Testing
  •  Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  •  Factories
  •  JavaScript Testing Frameworks

3. Front End Engineering

The Front End Engineering portion of the course uses the JavaScript language to carry you through designing modern dynamic web applications. You will learn everything from how to retrieve data using lightweight AJAX requests to constructing production-scale single-page apps using the ReactJS framework.

The JavaScript Programming Fundamentals prep course is a prerequisite for this section.

  • React + Redux
  •  AJAX
  •  Overview of Frontend Frameworks
  •  Frontend Data Modeling
  •  Templating Frameworks
  •  JSX
  •  The React Environment
  •  Components and State
  •  Props
  • Routing
  • Redux
  •  Webpack

Frontend Design

  • Frontend Data Modeling
  • Best Practices
  • Build Tools and Workows Frontend Testing
  •  Jest
  •  Snapshot Testing
  • DOM Testing

Classes and Costs (All in Naira): 

  • Weekend Class : 60000
  • Executive Class : 95000
  • Immersive Class : 75000

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